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Community Grants

The WCP team is so excited to announce we now offer community grants!

A complement to our scholarship program, these funds are available to members of our community for a business venture, non-profit initiative, campaign, you name it! Your creativity and our budget are the only limit. 

We can't wait to hear about what you're cooking up. 



Wine Country Pride grants will not exceed $6,000. Applicants must meet at least 2 out of 3 of the focus areas. Grant recipients will provide a project update in September 2024. 

  • EDUCATION: Grants will be considered for educational opportunities such as speaker fees, printed materials, training materials and collection enhancement

  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Grants will be considered for areas such as professional development opportunities, marketing materials, business membership fees, licensing application fees

  • CELEBRATION/VISIBILITY OF THE QUEER COMMUNITY: Grants may be requested for promotional, print, or merchandising materials, art installations, etc. 




  1. Grants will be considered for funding only if they meet at least 2 out of the 3 areas (education, economic development, celebration/visibility of the queer community)

  2. Provide an explanation of the project or reason for request

  3. Request amount and provide a budget

  4. Applicants selecting the economic development focus must also include an explanation of how they plan to pay the expense(s) in the future if the request for funds is for an ongoing expense (IE business license, membership fees, etc)




Award amount recommendations to be made by the selection committee and approved by WCP Board.  Awards do not need to be in the full amount requested by the applicant and may be partial to fund a specific portion of the proposal.

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