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meet the team

Remy Drabkin

McMinnville, Oregon native Remy Drabkin knew she wanted to be a winemaker at 8 years old.  By 14 she was working her first grape harvest and by 17, with three harvests under her belt, she was studying winemaking abroad. In 2006 she founded her eponymous Remy Wines. In addition to being one of the few prominent queer winemakers in Oregon, Remy has dedicated over 12 years to public service. Remy is currently serving as Mayor for the City of McMinnville, she also Chairs the Affordable Housing Commission and sits on the board of Visit McMinnville.

Zach Goff

Zach Goff joined John and Jeremi in 2017 with a diverse background and a “big city” view of how to market a farm. His experience in high-end restaurants gave him an appreciation for unique, locally grown produce, and working on the transformation into Pollinate Flowers brought to light a new enthusiasm for getting his hands dirty.

John Peterson

John Peterson has lived in Oregon since he was fresh out of high school. He has had a passion for plants and gardening since childhood. After dropping out of landscape design school, he discovered the world of permaculture and immediately began experimenting with the concept in his small backyard at a rental home in the suburbs. After seeing promising results, he decided that he wanted to expand the idea to a larger growing space.

KC Marold

KC Marold has lived in Yamhill County on and off for the past 18 years. She has spent the majority of that time in the wine business, focused on marketing and branding. As a life-long event planner, she was thrilled to join the Wine Country Pride team for its inaugural event. She has a passion for bringing people together and building community and thinks the world needs more rainbows.

Jacob Pic.jpg
Jacob Sembler

Jacob Sembler is a Florida native that found his way to Oregon for college. He has worked throughout the wine industry, learning the ins and outs in pursuit of his goal of planting his own vineyard and wine grapes. That dream came to fruition in 2016 with his first plantings. He and his husband, Maged, manage their 42 acre property and the 2 dogs, goats, geese, ducks, and chickens that fill it and keep them on their toes. Jacob joined the WCP team in 2022.

Kristen Stoller

Kristen Stoller is the owner of Chehalem Valley Dance Academy and the co-founder of the Community Wellness Collective. It is important for her to be a part of Wine Country Pride because she grew up with close friends who felt like they couldn’t be seen before they graduated or moved out of the valley. Also because she has students that fear rejection in our rural towns and she wants a better, more love-filled and inclusive county for her kids, her students, and her friends.  

Diane Longaker

Diane Longaker has lived in Yamhill County for 14 years. She is currently the Community Engagement Manager for Juliette's House. Diane serves on the Board of Directors

for PFLAG Newberg. She enjoys volunteering and loves to organize events and fundraise. Growing up in Northern California, she attended her very first Pride Parade in San Francisco in 1983. When asked to be the organizer for Rainbow Quest in 2021, she jumped at the opportunity and is super excited for RQ 2022.

Sara Linnertz

Sara Linnertz is a high school counselor and one of the founding board members of PFLAG Newberg. She is passionate about advocating for and creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth in Yamhill County. Her involvement in Wine Country Pride stems from her desire for LGBTQ+ folks to feel included, welcomed, and celebrated where they live, work and play. Sara lives in McMinnville with her wife, Emily, and their two young children.

Janet Sasaki

Janet is a longtime McMinnville resident who can't turn down a good invite. When the ask to help with Wine Country Pride 2022 came around, she jumped at the chance to work on the biggest, bestest, gayest, rainbow-clad party of the year.

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